Rogan’s Birthday

Um, so Rogan’s Birthday is in August. August 5th to be exact! I am aware that it is January and I am just now posting (bad mommy!), but I wanted to have it on here, if nothing else, for my benefit!

Rogan spent most of the summer at his dad’s, but the week of his Birthday he was with me and Daddy Keith. He went to Back to Nature Camp, played outside till dark, and we had a great time! The morning of his Birthday I took him out for his favorite thing…Donuts!! It is a special thing that we like to do just the two of us! He went to camp that day and got to pick out what he wanted for dinner and his Birthday treat! He picked a simple meal of cheeseburgers and mac and cheese and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I am not much of a cake decorator (I know!) so I went with simple chocolate cupcakes with chocolate funfetti frosting. They, actually, looked pretty good and tasted yummy. They were a hit!


We got him an electric scooter this year and I made a scavenger hunt with clues he had to read to find it (he he). We all had a blast with it!


We decided to do his big party at grandma’s in McPherson this year since all of my family either lives there or very close. Rogan chose a shark theme and we did a simple menu of burgers and dogs, beans, and mac a cheese. We had a great turnout and it was an absolute blast!


I couldn’t believe it, then, that he was turning 6 and I can’t believe it, now, as I type this, that he is almost half way to 7. It is CRAZY! Slow down, little boy, mommy is not ready for you to grow up!

O & E Girl Weekend

Hey there and Happy Tuesday! Feels kinda like Monday today since I had yesterday off for Martin Luther King Day. Back to the grind today at any rate. We had a fairly uneventful weekend. Monster Man was at his dad’s house, so it was just Keith and I . We started off the weekend with dinner at Carlos O’Kelly’s Friday night (my fave!!). I had my usual, Chipotle Chicken Burrito and Keith had a combo. It was delicious!IMG_0754

We ended up going out for a couple of drinks then home and to bed. We had to be up early Saturday morning for Monster Man’s first basketball game! Practices have been difficult with a lot of whining and pouting, so Keith and I were both nervous about how he would do at the game. There was no need to worry…he did fantastic!! I was SO proud of him!


After the game, we went to Cook’s for breakfast.Nothing fancy, just good home-style food. It was great!

Eggs, sausage/bacon, hash browns, toast and pancakes Oh My! We spent the afternoon watching the Chiefs get knocked out of the playoffsūüė¶. Bummer for sure on that!

Sunday was a relaxing day at home. We got two movies from the RedBox to watch. Trainwreck…it was, well, a trainwreck! Ted 2…it was just ok. We were kinda disappointed with our choices, but oh well! It passed the time. We ordered Godfather’s Pizza for dinner. We rarely order from there because it is SO expensive, but we decided what the hell. We got a Hot Stuff Pizza (pepperoni, beef, Italian sausage, onions and jalapenos) and I added black olives to one side. Keith doesn’t like them but I do! It was very yummy and SPICY. A perfect Sunday night dinner.


As you can see, we didn’t do anything too exciting! Just a normal weekend around these parts. Next weekend will consist of a new restaurant (yay!), visiting friends who just had a baby, a basketball game and I am hoping we go see Norm of the North at the theater. Have a great week folks!

Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats is chilled, hearty and satisfying, with creamy, authentically strained Greek Yogurt mixed with real ripe fruit and whole grain steel-cut oats. (PRNewsFoto/Chobani, LLC)

My Weight Watchers Story

Hey there! Happy Monday to ya. How was your weekend? Are you glad to be back at work today or are you off for MLK day? I am off! I just love 3 day weekends, don’t you?

Today I want to talk a little bit about Weight Watchers and my story. I have not been happy with my weight for about 10 years. I went to college, had a baby, and learned how to cook, all of which affected my weight! At the beginning of May 2015, I decided it was time for a change. I signed up for Weight Watchers. GULP. I had signed up before, but this time I was feeling really committed. I committed myself to paying the $19.95 a month, stepped on the scale for my initial weigh in, and took a before picture (GULP GULP GULP!).

Weight Watchers is a simple program. I am sure you have seen the commercials recently with Oprah on them! You get a set amount of SmartPoints per day, a set amount of weekly SmartPoints, and even earn points for activity! The Weight Wathchers website is a great resource for recipes, motivation, and tracking.

I chose to do Weight Watchers for several reasons:

  1. My step-mom, Val, did it several years ago and had lost a bunch of weight. She is a great reference for me for everything from recipes to motivation.
  2. I had done it before and I knew how it worked
  3. It is about making CHOICES….not deprivations. Can I eat a big piece of chocolate cake? Sure! I just have to track it and have less at another meal.

I started out weighing 170 pounds on May 3, 2015. I made the commitment that day that I would start the next day and stick to the program. In the first week, I lost 6 POUNDS! I was SO excited. This really provided me with the motivation to continue. The next week, I lost 3 POUNDS! I was more motivated than ever! I stuck with the program for 6 months, and, but November I was down 17 pounds. I weighed 153 lbs. I could not believe it! It was working.

Around Thanksgiving, I fell off the wagon. I would loosely track and basically eat what I wanted. We took a trip to Disney World in December and I swore that, when we got back, I would go back on. It didn’t happen. When New Year’s rolled around I decided I either needed to commit or stop paying for it. I decided to commit. And I stepped on the scale. I had gained back 8 POUNDS. UGH! Fortunately, I knew what had to be done and I started back on the plan on January 4. They had started the new SmartPoints and I get 30 SP per day, and 35 “extra” SP per week! Guess what? by the 11th I was already down 2 POUNDS! I love this plan. I have to make CHOICES and it is the perfect plan for me. I understand it may not be for everyone, but it works great for me! Here are some of my tips for each meal and what has helped me succeed.

Breakfast: I have never been a huge breakfast eater and, because of this, I always intended to over indulge at lunch time. I decided it was time to start eating breakfast. Here are some of my favorite breakfasts:

Chobani Simply 100 “Crunch”, Chobani Simply 100, Chobani Flip, Chobani Oats¬†Can you tell that I like yogurt?! I have tried all of these and I simply love them. If I have a Simply 100, I usually pair it with a banana. But all the others are filling enough I don’t need anything else!


Overnight Oats This idea comes from Kristen at Iowa Girl Eats. She has posted tons of amazing combinations. I love that you can customize them any way you want! A fast, delicious, portable and EASY breakfast.


Lunch:¬†My main goal for lunch is making sure that I am full enough to get through the rest of the day. I usually bring multiple components so I feel like I am eating more food. Often, I will bring a frozen dinner also. Now, frozen dinners often get a bad rap, but they are not all bad! Lean Cuisine has recently done some updating with their recipes and I think they are better than ever! Bonus…they put the points right on the box! Here are a few of my favorites

Chicken Enchilada Suiza and Santa Fe-Style Rice and Beans These are two of my ALL TIME favorites. They are filling, delicious and just a hint spicy. Yum.




Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Lasagna with Meat Sauce, & Chicken Fettuccini¬†I, basically, love all of the “Italian” pasta that Lean Cuisine puts out.

I, personally, really like eating frozen meals for lunch. They are filling and easy to track! When I am not eating them, I will usually bring leftovers from home or a salad.

Dinner: Dinner is the hardest meal of the day for me. I have the boys to think about, but I also want something healthy and relatively low points for me. I have scoured the internet looking for recipes with Weight Watchers Points! Here are some favorite sites:

Pinterest:¬†All I had to do was type in “Recipes with Weight Watchers Points” and hundreds of them popped up! It is a godsend! These recipes for Goulash, Beef Teriyaki, and Crunchy Asian Chicken Salad have all been pinned and are waiting for me to try! (Along with 135 other pins LOL)¬†I have been following Gina’s Blog for about 5 years now. I LOVE it! She has great recipes (with Points!) and, bonus, has converted them all to SmartPoints! Chicken Parmesan, Cajun Chicken Pasta, and Kung Pao Zoodles are all SCREAMING “Try Me!” Emily has a great blog with yummy food all with Weight Watcher Points!! I have NEVER been disappointed with anything of hers I have made. Next on my list are Chicken Teriyaki Rice, Strawberry Banana Baked Oatmeal Singles, and Doritos Taco Salad!

Seriously, there is NO excuse for not eating a Points-Friendly dinner with all these resources available to you!

Snacks:¬†I have tried to limit my snacking, but it doesn’t always work out! Usually, by mid morning, I need a little pick me up. Here are a few things that I have found that help me get over that hump! Mini BabyBel Light Cheese, Orville Redenbacher’s smartpop! Kettle Korn, and Emerald 100 Calorie Packs Cocoa Roast Almonds

I try as hard as I can to stick within my daily points. I rarely use my weekly points, I just figure that they mean I can have a couple of drinks on the weekendūüėČ I do treat myself, and I do go over my points sometimes! I work hard not to beat myself up about it, because, tomorrow truly is another day!

*All opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. I have not been endorsed in ANY way by any of the websites or products mentioned.





Loving Lately

Happy Friday all! I don’t know about you, but this has been a LOOOONG week. It has seemed to just draaaag on. I am SO happy its Friday! and even happier that I get Monday off for MLK day. Hee hee. A pretty low key weekend is on the horizon….drinks, friends, Monster Man’s first basketball game, NFL playoffs, and hopefully some AMAZING food is on the agenda. Wherever you are, whatever you do ENJOY the weekend! Here are some things I am loving lately from around the web.

Loving Cheesy TACO Rolls: OMG! I saw these on Plain Chicken and I knew instantly that I WILL be making them for my boys. They are right up our alley!

taco rolls (1) copy

Loving¬†this Chicken Tamale Bake from Emily Bites. I am back on the Weight Watchers wagon (more on that in a post next week!) after a holiday season full of eating what I want. Emily’s site has TONS of great recipes with SmartPoints posted. It is perfect for me! I saw this dish and I immediately added it to our menu next week.


Loving THIS bathroom! When we bought our house in 2014, we knew immediately we would be re-doing the bathrooms and kitchen. We have been talking about getting started on the main bathroom and I LOVE the serene look of this one!


Loving this look.¬†Plaid…yes! Denim…yes! Statement necklace…YES! I never consider myself very fashionable but I KNOW I could pull off this look! Cute and classy.






Loving¬†Trader Joe’s Parmesan Ranch Dressing.¬†I read about this on Your Home Based Mom‘s website and KNEW I had to try it! The next time I was in Kansas City I picked some up at Trader Joe’s. It is FABULOUS and only 1 Weight Watchers point. I have been rationing it until the next time I am in KC and able to pick some up!










Happy New Year from O & E Girl!

Hi there! Happy new year to you! I have been pretty absent on the blog here lately and I really have no excuse! Life has been busy with work and Monster Man’s school and da da da da da. I’ll try to be betterūüėČ I thought I would pop on today and share some of the things we have been eating recently. Hopefully soon I will be back to photographing and posting some recipes! I have some things in the works, so bear with me.

One thing that I love about the holidays is the plethora of potlucks I am able to participate in. I have a longtime love for potlucks! It is just so fun to eat multiple dishes that everybody has prepared and brought in! The first one i participated in was at work. We have “5 days of Grazing” where I work. The name CRACKS me up and the food is always guaranteed to be yummy!!!


Seriously?! OH MY. Little smokies, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, veggies and dip, Christmas treats and the BEST potato salad I have EVER eaten. It was to die. Seriously. I gladly chucked the leftovers I had brought from home and ate this for lunch. YUM!

The weekend before Christmas we had a Secret Santa gift exchange at the Spot. We have participated for several years and it is always SO fun to get together with our friends, eat, and exchange gifts. The meal this year did NOT disappoint!


There was ham, stuffing, GB casserole, corn, stuffing, rolls….I could go on and on! It was SO delicious!!

Monster Man was at his dad’s for Christmas this year, so the hubs and I were left to our own devices. We celebrated with Rogan on the 23rd and I made my family’s traditional meal of soup and bierochs, it was YUM! On Christmas day, since we were alone, we decided we would go see a movie. We went to Oriental Express, one of the few things open on Christmas around here, and we weren’t expecting much! We both got combos and our expectations were surpassed…by far! It was INSANE how good it was! We have decided to ax Asian Cafe for our usual delivery…its Oriental Express all the way for us! LOL


This was my combo….steamed rice, beef and broccoli, tempura veggies, cake (CAKE people!) and an eggroll. It was so yummy! We went to see Daddy’s Home after lunch. The theater was PACKED, not an empty seat in the house! The movie was hysterical, as most Will Ferrell movies are, IMO.

I debated back and forth about cooking our traditional ham dinner. I didn’t know if it would be worth it for just the two of us. At the last minute I decided to go for it and I am glad I did! I whipped up ham, scalloped potatoes, GB Casserole, and rolls and it was all delicious!



Our New Year’s Eve was pretty uneventful. We rung it in at some friends’ house that live about a block and a half from us and we were at home in bed by 12:20. I know…party animals! The weekend was pretty low key, but we did have lunch at Old Chicago one day. I hadn’t eaten there in awhile and I LOVED the Roasted Chicken and Apple Walnut Salad and Tomato Basil Soup combo I got. Of course, the hubs loved his Hawaiian Pizza. Where he is concerned, you can never go wrong with pizza!

Well, there you have it folks! Some things that I have been eating recently. Stay tuned for more, as I am going to try to start updating more regularly than I have been! We have a fun trip to Kansas City planned for February and I am hoping to try as many new places as we can squeeze in the two days we will be there! Tune in tomorrow for a Loving Lately post! Happy Thursday friends!



Loving Lately

Hiya friends! and Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend! We have Monster Man’s first soccer game in the morning then we will be travelling to Manhattan to tailgate at the K-State game with my family. We are all excited!

Here are some things that we have done/eaten lately that I am loving! Have a great weekend, friends!

Football Season: Football is FINALLY HERE! K State played their first game of the season against South Dakota. The game was at 6:30 pm, so the hubs and I met some K-State loving friends at a local bar, split some appetizers, watched the game and wrapped up the evening with some karaoke. It was a GREAT TIME and WE WON!



Repurposing Leftovers: We are all about not wasting food at our house. Recently, after we had tacos, I came up with a couple of ways to serve the meat a day later. One of those ways was this taco salad. I simply put some lettuce on a plate, topped it with cheese, crushed Doritos and the warmed up meat. I topped it with Dorothy Lynch dressing. It was DIVINE! I love when i can reuse something instead of throwing it away!


Trying New Restaraunts: We have been trying out some different places where we wouldn’t normally go! We have loved all of them. Its so fun to try new places!

Jason’s Deli


Chicken Salad Sandwich. With pineaple and almonds in it, this Chicken Salad is FANTASTIC!


The salad bar at Jason’s Deli is always a winner!

Firehouse Subs

I had a meeting to go to in Lawrence last week and my coworker wanted to go eat at Firehouse Subs. I had never been there before, and let me tell you, I will be back! The Mama’s Chicken Salad was AWESOME (and the brownie I had for dessert was great tooūüėČ

Mama's Chicken Salad

Mama’s Chicken Salad

McAlister’s Deli

I had never been to a McAlisters before, so when one opened up in Topeka, I knew I had to try it! It was wonderful!

Chicken Salad on Croissant and Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Chicken Salad on Croissant and Chicken and Dumpling Soup


Black Angus Club

And finally… an old favorite…Carlos O’ Kelly’s. YUM!!

Chipotle Chicken Burrito for her, Ground Beef Combo for him :)

Chipotle Chicken Burrito for her, Ground Beef Combo for himūüôā


Pepperoni Lasagna Rolls

Hey there! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this week to be over! It has been yet another busy one!

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for easy, new recipes to make for the hubs and Monster Man on busy weeknights. I follow a lot of food blogs, and one of those is Ally’s Sweet and Savory Food. I love Ally’s no-nonsense approach to cooking. All of the recipes I have tried from her blog have been easy and delicious, and these Pepperoni Lasagna Rolls are no exception! I think you will enjoy them just as much as we did!


Pepperoni Lasagna Rolls


10 lasagna sheets
pepperoni slices
2 c. cottage cheese
1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1 t. garlic powder
1 t. onion powder
1 t. parsley
4 c. spaghetti sauce
1 c. shredded mozzarella cheese
1.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Layer 2 c. of the spaghetti sauce on the bottom of a baking dish.
2.  Boil lasagna noodles until al dente.  Rinse and allow to cool.
3.  In a bowl combine the cottage cheese, Parmesan cheese and spices.
4.  To assemble, lay out a lasagna noodle.  Spoon on a layer of the cream sauce and place pepperoni slices on top.  Gently roll up and place seam side down in the baking pan.
5.  Pour remaining spaghetti sauce over the rolled-up lasagna noodles.  Sprinkle with the mozzarella.
6.  Bake covered for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 15 minutes.  Allow to rest for 5 minutes before eating.
7. Enjoy!
Original recipe can be found here

Jalapeno Cornbread Bites

Hi friends! How is everyone today? Things have been BUSY, BUSY around the Odds and Ends Girl household. School is now in full swing and Monster Man is busy being a 1st Grader. The hubs has been travelling a lot for work and I have been busy with work and keeping the household running. Monster Man is playing soccer this fall and our first game is Saturday morning. Things just continue to get busier!

Football season is upon us and I, for one, could not be happier! Nothing makes me smile bigger than watching the K-State Wildcats play! I have been a fan my whole life and, luckily, so is the hubs and we have passed that love down to Monster Man!

They played at 11:00 this last weekend, so we had our friend, Scott, over to watch the game. Chili was on the menu and I wanted a creative side to serve with it. Thus, these Jalapeno Cornbread Bites were born!


Cornbread seems like a staple with Chili to me! All you need to make this is some jalapenos, a box of cornbread mix, canned or frozen corn, and cheese! They come together quickly and bake for about 20 minutes. Thats it! Eazy Peasy! They were flavorful and delicious and the perfect side for our Chili! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


Jalapeno Cornbread Bites


12 Jalapenos

1 box cornbread mix (any kind will do…I used Jiffy)

2 C Corn (canned or frozen)

2 C Cheddar Cheese


  1. Slice jalepenos in half, lengthwise, and clean out seeds and ribs
  2. Prepare cornbread mix according to package directions
  3. Add in corn and cheese
  4. Fill each jalapeno half with cornbread mixture
  5. Top each with cheese
  6. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes
  7. Enjoy!